About Us

The company exists almost 40 years and has its
headquarters in Virum in Denmark just north of Copenhagen.

Our business

We are highly specialized in international trade with new EU cars, ex-leasing cars and rental cars. Due to professional management and a healthy business structure, we have a close and strong cooperation with a number of car importers, brand dealerships and well-known rental companies.

Our customers

For us, every customer is just as big. However, we only sell to automotive professionals and supply large customers as dealers who want to buy single cars. We sell approximately 3000 cars annually for a selection of markets such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland.

Our skills

We have a total of 4 employees. Since each employee has their own core competencies, we always ensure an effective, serious and problem free order processing from the time of ordering to delivery. Always in a friendly and professional tone. Curious to get to know us? Meet our team below.

Our Team

All our employees have different skills, but together we make the difference.
Get to know us better.


Thomas Orbán

Partner / Director

+45 2148 5281


Heino Jørgensen

Partner - CFO

+45 2295 2758


Thomas Bagge

Partner / Director

+45 2630 2842

A reliable and smooth order execution

It is always our main goal to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.
Below step by step our delivery process when ordering a car from stock or a factory ordered car.



Call us or simply send us an e-mail for an offer or the possibility for a cooperation.



For your safety you will receive a confirmation by mail after ordering. We usually process your order within 3 work days. So do not worry.

Delivery time

Delivery time

Till your car will be ready for delivery, you will  automatically and continuously receive a production and delivery update by mail.



Your car is ready for delivery and we are now getting closer to your satisfaction. At this point you will automatically receive an invoice directly by mail.



When we have received your payment on our bank account, the car will be booked for transportation and the associated documents sent by UPS.



The customer´s satisfaction is an honour. If you are not satisfied with or service, we would be happy to hear from you. Hope to see you again.

Federations and Partners

We are members of the federations and use the platforms listed below.


We love communication! You are always welcome to sent us a message
and we will correspond to you as soon as possible.

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